Summary of the Scheme's Annual Report and Financial Statements

Each year the Trustee produces the Scheme’s Annual Report and Financial Statements.

This covers the Scheme as a whole and includes the financial highlights for both the DB and DC Sections separately.

You can view the full Report and Financial Statements in the ‘Documents’ section of the Scheme’s website.

A summary of key information can be found below.

The Scheme's financial highlights (both DB and DC sections)

£7,739.1 million

Figures in brackets are negative.


The total membership of the Scheme at 5 April 2020 was 41,859 of which 8,644 are members of the DC Section.

Chart key

  • DB Section Pensioners and beneficiaries 20,604
  • DB Section Deferred members 12,303
  • DC Section Active members 3,761
  • DC Section Deferred members 4,883
  • DB Section Active members 308

DC Section’s financial highlights

£449.2 million

Figures in brackets are negative.