Performance of the DC Section's investment funds

Fund factsheets are produced for each of the investment funds, providing you with performance and general information. These are updated quarterly.

The table below details the performance of the DC Section fund options to 31 March 2020. You can view the latest Fund factsheets by visiting the Scheme website. A link to the factsheets is at the bottom of each page.


As well as the Fund factsheets, you can also see the latest ‘Market commentary’ from Hymans Robertson, our DC Section investment consultant. These are updated monthly.

Return for 12 months to 31 March 2020 %

Fund Benchmark

Return for 3 years to 31 March 2020 % p.a.

Fund Benchmark

*Benchmark returns for the PSPS Diversified Growth — active Fund are estimated.

**Unitised returns for the Prudential With-Profits fund are for the periods to 5 April 2018 and assume that the contribution was invested, without any allowance made for any explicit charges, one or three years ago and then realised to secure benefits.

*** The PSPS Responsible Investment Equity Fund was launched at the end of 2019; performance data is therefore unavailable.

Each of the funds available to DC Section members is a composite made up of one or more underlying funds. The Trustee monitors the performance of each of these underlying funds. The Trustee, working with the DC Section investment consultant, adjusts the allocations for these underlying funds either as a result of performance or to achieve a better balance of investment styles and associated investment risk.


The performance numbers relate to the ‘white labelled’ parent funds, in which the members’ underlying fund options are invested. Performance figures are shown gross of fees and may differ slightly from the actual returns achieved by members due to a one-day delay in unit pricing and the deduction of management fees.