Lifestyle Profiles

As an alternative to choosing individual funds, you can invest your Personal Account using one of the three ‘Lifestyle Profiles’ available to DC Section members.

A Lifestyle Profile is a ready-made investment strategy that uses some of the individual funds shown above. Initially the Lifestyle Profile invests in funds targeted to provide investment growth; however, as you near your Selected Retirement Age (SRA), your investment funds switch to less volatile, but potentially lower returning, funds. You can find more information about each of the Lifestyle Profiles on the Scheme website. Just go to the ‘Documents’ section and download the ‘Lifestyle Profiles Guide’.

Remember, if you are invested using one of the Lifestyle Profiles it is vital that you have correctly recorded your SRA. Your SRA is used to trigger the automatic investment switches. You should regularly consider whether the date you have selected is still appropriate for your future plans.

Take a look at our video called ‘Your investment choices’ to learn more.