Our new member portal has arrived

In November, the DC Section Administrator launched a new version of ‘My account’ — your online access to your Personal Account.

If you’ve previously registered for access to your Personal Account online, you’ll have received a series of emails explaining how to re-register for the new version.

If you haven’t got around to registering yet, don’t worry we’ll shortly send you details of how you can now register.

There is lots you can do in ‘My account’ — too much in fact to list here, so here’s a quick summary of some of the most important features:

  • Update personal information
    You can update your email address and mobile telephone number. You can also update details of who you’d like to receive any benefits payable from the Scheme if you die.
  • Manage your investments
    You can view your latest Annual Benefit Statement, see the current value of your Personal Account, and initiate an investment switch (Self Select members only).
  • Produce estimates of what your Personal Account will be worth when you come to retire
    Modelling tools built into ‘My account’ will also allow you to adjust how much you are contributing, or your Selected Retirement Age, and see what effect this may have on the value of your Personal Account when you come to retire.

In addition, ‘My account’ now includes a secure messaging service. This enables you to send messages to (and receive messages from) the Administration Team. You can also send the Team copies of documents or completed forms. All over a secure, private, digital connection between you and the Team.